No Home Repair is Too Big or Small

You have a career to build, a family to take care of, travel to plan, groceries to buy and hobbies that keep you constantly on the go. You’re busy! A lot of times that means those small (but important) home repair and maintenance projects keep getting postponed. And it may not even be about time at all –  sometimes you just don’t have the right tools or experience to do the job right.

That’s where John Allen Renovations can help!

From installing a ceiling fan to replacing a leaky faucet, we can help you check all those weekend projects off your to-do list. We offer flexible work hours, monthly pricing programs and competitive hourly rates depending on your specific needs.

Reach out today and tell us what you need fixed, repaired or replace. We’ll help you get it done right, on-time and in budget. Routine home maintenance and repairs aren’t just an investment in your home’s value, but in your peace of mind too.

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